Visual Native is a collection of my backpacking photos taken domestically and abroad, updated as often as I have time in-between field expeditions. I'm an ex-backpacking/trekking guide in the US, currently working on a PhD in Environmental Engineering with amazing fieldwork opportunities in Antarctica. (My PhD interests involve the degradation and movement of pollutants in cryospheric (ice) systems.) I've never had any formal photography training, but I really love what I do and this site has become an outlet to post what I see. While I usually appreciate comments on the photos (it's a fantastic form of feedback), unfortunately I've recently been hit by a fairly persistent spam program and until I find a better captcha I may disable commenting on certain photos. Stay tuned for a revamp of this site!

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Photographic Information and Print Orders

100% of the profit from all photos sold through this site will be donated to Not For Sale, a nonprofit charity fighting against human trafficking and global modern slavery. It's a cause I find very important, and since this website is a hobby of mine I thought it would be a handy dedication. If you'd like to buy a print ($28 for 8x10" with 11x14" black matte mounting, plus standard shipping) please send an email listing the photo names and size requests (print vs. special-order poster) and the shipping address to my email address, (note the 'que' Q is not a zero). As soon as I recieve payment (check or paypal), I can make the prints and ship them out to you. All photos are professionally printed on archival glossed photography paper and can also be available in larger poster sizes upon request.

I currently use a Canon EOS 550 D and dabble with two lenses; a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II fixed lens and a Tamron 55-300mm VC lens, although the majority of photos on this site were taken with my older Canon 350 D, which I recently retired. The pictures on this site are mainly from wanderings across the US, the Virgin Islands, Peru, Queensland, New South Wales, New Zealand, Jamaica, Mexico, Uruguay, Antarctica, Japan, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

About Visual Native

Enough with the legal jargon. Basically, this is my stuff; please don't copy my images or use information from my site without my consent. Visual Native was created in November 2007 with my meager proficiency in Photoshop 2 and Dreamweaver MX. I took all photos hosted here in the portfolio. The frames application is a personally modified version of Jay Soto's template design, the site itself is hosted by StartLogic and utilizes the photo platform Pixelpost. In terms of Visual Native's site content and photos, I'd like to thank my various travel buddies for accompanying me on crazy quests across the globe, including Chris, Craig, Matt, and Jim Hostetler (Peru), Sam (Australia), Nikki (PA, Jamaica, Mexico), my amazing coworkers at Equinox (Appalachian Trail), the Oden crew (Antarctica), Rachel (Japan), Trek 2010-12 (US), the Couchsurfing community (Europe and North Africa 2011), Concordia Station (Antarctica), and also any and all people who have been supportive of my attempts to see more of the world.